Nature Bee Clean refillable cleaning products using a dissolvable tablet. sustainable cleaning solutions with clean ingredients, vegan, cruelty free, plastic free, quality product. foaming hand soap and multipurpose spray zero waste cleaning products
Clean Home,
Clean Planet.
Plastic Free Concentrated Refill Cleaning Tablets
We are Nature Bee Clean

We create sustainable, low-waste cleaning solutions for your home! Our mission is to eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles and containers in our everyday cleaning routines. The solution? Our handy dandy concentrated cleaning tablets.

Welcome to Nature Bee Clean
The Refill Cleaning Starter Kit

Everything you need to get your sustainable cleaning collection started. Click here to see everything inside our Refill Starter Kit!

You can feel good about your clean.

our dissolvable cleaning tablets are made of clean ingredients that are good for your family, home, and the environment. small icon of a beaker with sparkles inside along with a leafy branch
our packaging is made consciously with all recyclable materials. icon shows illustration of our tablet packaging along with a recyclable arrow
our products are made to work! Each product has been tested to have a super effective formula. this icon shows bubbles and sparkles
our products are all super affordable. this icon shows a dollar bill and 2 coins
Reduce Reuse Refill

How it works

How to use nature bee clean dissolvable cleaning tablets. image shows filling reusable glass foaming hand soap dispenser with warm water. background is colourful and moody
How to use dissolvable cleaning products by nature bee clean. image shows person about to drop dissolvable tablet in reusable glass foaming hand soap dispenser filled with warm water
amazing sustainable foaming hand soap.